Course Description

This blog is for the Fall 2016 section of ATEC 4367: Game Design II taught by Josef Nguyen at UT Dallas, which meets Mondays from 10:00AM-12:45PM in ATC 3.914.

Students in this course will explore the theory and practice of rapid prototyping for digital games by creating a series of small, agile prototypes in short amounts of time. Students will design, create, and playtest small digital games using a variety of tools available online. They will focus on examining both successes and failures, learning how to use those experiences to create better games in the future. The course culminates in the presentation of a redesigned game and pitch presentation for an original digital game of the student’s creation.

Students will work in GameMaker: Studio, which is available for free on Steam and here:

Syllabus for ATEC 4367.001 – Fall 2016