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Final Presentation Day

We will be holding Final Presentations on Monday, 12 December 2016, from 11:00AM-1:45PM — due to finals week scheduling.

  • This is another kind of pitch scenario
  • You will present the final version of your game for 3-5 minutes as a live demonstration
  • You will require the assistance of a classmate to play your game during your presentation
  • This classmate should be able to play your game competently and synchronize play with the details of your presentation

There will be pizza for lunch, since the final exam block is so inconveniently scheduled during conventional lunch hours.

Submissions of your final version of the game (which must be single-runtime executable files shared in the comments section of this post) must be made by 11:00AM on Monday, 12 December 2016. Please include your full name in the comment as well as the link.

The file should be named: <Last-name>–<First-name>-Final.exe


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