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Selection Day

We will be holding Selection Day on Monday, 28 November 2016.

  • You should have received a list of submitted prototypes that are viable candidates for the final project (scores of 8 or more) following the tenth prototype presentations. If you have not, please contact your instructor (me)
  • You will select two of those prototypes to present on selection day
  • This presentation will involve a single image made from a screenshot from each game placed side-by-side (sample image below)
  • You will have 5 minutes to discuss how you plan to develop the prototypes for the final
  • The class will vote on which prototype you should pursue
  • Depending on the distribution of the vote, you will then commit to developing one of the prototypes for the final project
  • Please create this image in a standard file format to easily display online (jpeg, png, etc…)
  • Please title your file <Last-name>-<First-name>-selection.<fileformat> and attach it to a comment on this post. Include your full name in your comment

Sample Selection Day Image:


***Image by Heather Staimpel from Dr. Christopher’s Spring ’16 Game Design II class***


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