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Final Project Information

These instructions are for the final project, which has an assignment timeline that commences following the last (tenth) prototype presentation. Please consult the post for Prototype 10, for instructions regarding this prototype assignment.

Final Project Schedule Overview

28 November 2016
—Selection day

5 December 2016
—Pitch Day; bug-free updated version due

12 December 2016<
—Finals Week – Presentation day; final version of game due

Final Project Scoring Overview

15% – Pitch (elevator pitch style)
20% – Bug-free updated game build
15% – Final presentation
50% – Final build of game project

Selection day (28 November 2016)

  • You will receive a list of submitted prototypes that are viable candidates for the final project (scores of 8 or more) following the tenth prototype presentations
  • You will select two of those prototypes to present on selection day
  • This presentation will involve a single image made from a screenshot from each game placed side-by-side
  • You will have 5 minutes to discuss how you plan to develop the prototypes for the final
  • The class will vote on which prototype you should pursue
  • Depending on the distribution of the vote, you will then commit to developing one of the prototypes for the final project

Pitch day (5 December 2016)

  • The pitch, in the style of an elevator pitch, should be between 50-70 seconds*
  • There will be no visual aids
  • Begin your pitch with your name, your game title, and a one sentence description of your game that addresses the mechanics and the thematics
  • The remainder of the pitch should logically describe the experience of playing your game clearly without visual aids or live demonstrations to someone unfamiliar with it

*Information on timing and scoring below

A bug-free updated version of the game will be due to the course blog on this day

Pitch day (5 December 2016)

  • During your elevator pitch, you will be evaluated primarily on delivery
  • The goal time for presenting is between 50-70
  • A 2-point deduction will be made for each second above or below this range
  • You will select a difficulty, which affects scoring and evaluation of the pitch
  • EASY: starting score of 90; 3 strikes* in under 10 seconds before being reset
  • MEDIUM: starting score of 100; 2 strikes* in under 10 seconds before being reset
  • HARD: Starting score of 110; 1 strike* before being reset
  • A reset is a 10-point deduction. A third failed attempt will result in a score of 70 for the pitch

*a strike includes any vocalization that is clearly not part of the pitch, such as “um,” “like,” etc…

Presentation day (Finals week – 12 December 2016)

  • You will present the final version of your game for 3-5 minutes
  • You will require the assistance of a classmate to play your game during your presentation
  • This classmate should be able to play your game competently and synchronize play with the details of your presentation

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