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Prototype 10

For the tenth and final prototype, please create a game project to address the following:

Mechanic: Non-violent game with 1 PC competing against (versus) 3 independently-functioning NPCs

Theme: Something Just Broke (Reprise)

Stretch Goal: A title screen, an in-game pause/menu screen, an end-game screen; a way to restart the game/return to the title screen during game play


  • This game requires the implementation of three NPCs that function as if they were being controlled by different human players.
  • The game must involve competition between the PC and the NPCs. The NPCs can compete against themselves as well or work cooperatively, but they need to function independently of each other.
  • The game play doesn’t need to be symmetric.
  • Examples of different 1 PC vs. 3 NPCs games include many of the free-for-all Mario Party mini-games, Crawl, Smash Bros., digital adaptations of board and card games, sports games, and Starcraft, where computer/bots control opponents that are comparable to the player.
  • While some of these example games are multiplayer, this prototype does not (and should) not need additional players to play. Consider how these games work when played as a single-player. This requires developing intelligent behavior for the NPCs such that they could be conceived as controlled by human players to make them challenging opponents.
  • The gameplay must be non-violent in spirit, though players themselves may encounter harm or danger.
  • As a stretch goal, consider implementing a title screen, an in-game pause/menu screen, an end-game screen, as well as a way to restart the game/return to the title screen during game play.
  • As for how elastically to interpret the theme as inspiration, a good litmus test would be whether the game prototype could be feasibly titled “Something Just Broke.”

Submissions (which must be single-runtime executable files shared in the comments section of this post) must be made by 10:00AM on Monday, 14 November 2016. Please include your full name in the comment as well as the link.

The file should be named: <Last-name>-<First-name>-P10.exe

In addition, please prepare the beginnings of a pitch for the prototype presentations. This should include:

  • Statement of your name
  • Statement of your game title
  • A description of your game that communicates to someone what it is like to play your game

Best of Luck!


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