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Prototype 9

For the ninth prototype, please create a game project to address the following:

Mechanic: Non-violent squad-based game

Theme: Something Just Broke

Stretch Goal: A persistent heads-up display (HUD) that has multiple areas of updating information


  • This game requires the implementation of a squad made up of at least 3 individual members generally under the player’s control. The squad must be composed of at least 3 persistent squad members that are always present on the screen.
  • You can implement different player control schemes in controlling the squad: either directly controlling them or giving them instructions to complete on their own.
  • Control can also be asymmetric across the squad members. For example, the player may control one player-character directly while the other two squad members operate through artificial intelligence.
  • Examples of different kinds of style of squad-based games include Lemmings, Trine, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time (single-player mode), Final Fantasy XIII, XCOM, and Starcraft.
  • The gameplay must be non-violent in spirit, though players themselves may encounter harm or danger.
  • As a stretch goal, consider implementing a persistent heads-up display (HUD) to communicate important information about the game to the player, which may include details about individual squad members, the squad as a whole, world/game states, maps, objectives, and other information relevant for playing. HUD design requires mindful decisions about what to present and how.
  • As for how elastically to interpret the theme as inspiration, a good litmus test would be whether the game prototype could be feasibly titled “Something Just Broke.”

Submissions (which must be single-runtime executable files shared in the comments section of this post) must be made by 10:00AM on Monday, 7 November 2016. Please include your full name in the comment as well as the link.

The file should be named: <Last-name>-<First-name>-P9.exe

In addition, please prepare the beginnings of a pitch for the prototype presentations. This should include:

  • Statement of your name
  • Statement of your game title
  • A description of your game that communicates to someone what it is like to play your game

Best of Luck!


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