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Prototype 8

For the eighth prototype, please create a game project to address the following:

Mechanic: Non-violent, two-player, split-screen game

Theme: Color and Light (Reprise)

Stretch Goal: Dynamically-increasing difficulty


  • This game prototype needs to utilize a split-screen.
  • The gameplay must be non-violent in spirit, though players themselves may encounter harm.
  • Both mechanically and aesthetically, the game should obviously communicate that it is a two-player game. It should not be a game that appears designed for a single player that arbitrarily has two-player controls. Be thoughtful about making a game that suggests that it is for two players.
  • The game can be cooperative, competitive, or any combination of the two.
  • During presentations, I will test the game out with another student as the second player.
  • As a stretch goal, consider implementing dynamically-increasing difficulty. That is, rather than have the game increase in difficulty in predetermined and predictable ways (such as through stages or levels), increase difficult by adapting to how the players are doing or what they have done.
  • As for how elastically to interpret the theme as inspiration, a good litmus test would be whether the game prototype could be feasibly titled “Color and Light.”

Submissions (which must be single-runtime executable files shared in the comments section of this post) must be made by 10:00AM on Monday, 31 October. Please include your full name in the comment as well as the link.

The file should be named: <Last-name>-<First-name>-P8.exe

In addition, please prepare the beginnings of a pitch for the prototype presentations. This should include:

  • Statement of your name
  • Statement of your game title
  • A description of your game that communicates to someone what it is like to play your game

Best of Luck!


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