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Prototype 1

For the first prototype, please create a game project to address the following:

Mechanic: The <Player-Character> and Their Trusty <Vehicle or Mount>

Theme: The Sun Won’t Set



  • The mechanic requires at least two distinct objects on screen: the <PC> and the <V/M>.
  • The <PC> should be able to get in/on as well as get out/off of the <V/M> throughout the game as needed.
  • The player should be in control of the <PC>. When the <PC> is joined with the <V/M>, the player should be in control of the <V/M> (or the <PC>-<V/M> hybrid) until the player disengages from the <V/M>. Once disengaged, the player should resume control of the <PC> separately from the <V/M>.
  • As for how elastically to interpret the theme as inspiration, a good litmus test would be whether the game prototype could be feasibly titled “The Sun Won’t Set.”


Unlike following prototype assignments, you will have 2 weeks to complete this one. Submissions (which must be single-runtime executable files shared in the comments section of this post) must be made by 10:00AM on Monday, 12 September. Please include your full name in the comment as well as the link.

The file should be named: <Last-name>-<First-name>-P1.exe

Best of Luck!

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Advice for Prototype Assignments

  • Make sure you feel comfortable with your understanding of the mechanic for the week
    • You should be able to provide your own definition of the mechanic
    • Do research into existing games that use that mechanic
  • Be flexible about interpreting the theme
    • Approach the theme literally, figuratively, and anywhere in between
    • Look up some possible sources of inspiration for how to develop your game through the theme
  • Design with both the theme and the mechanic in mind
    • Allow the mechanic to help narrow your theme
    • Allow the theme to help shape how the mechanic is implemented
  • Keep in mind what can be done in GameMaker: Studio and what you want to be able to do in your project
    • See what resources are available to help you develop your prototype: forums, tutorials, videos, and the course discussion boards
    • Keep your scope flexible: you need to deliver a working prototype that demonstrates your understanding of the mechanic and your ability to work within the parameters of the theme
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Hello World Prototypes

For the Hello World prototype assigment, you can do 0, 1, or 2 GameMaker: Studio Beginner tutorials that results in a playable executable. You can do more advanced tutorials if you like. This assignment is optional. Each tutorial you complete and submit will function as reserve points (or cushion points) in case there are any hiccups with future assignments. They must be submitted by the beginning of next week’s class to qualify as reserve points–Monday, 29 August 2016 @ 10AM. No exceptions.

You can download GameMaker: Studio free on Steam or through this link:

Here is a direct link to the YoYo games GameMaker: Studio  tutorials:

Name your submission files, which should be stand-alone single executable files, following this format:



They should be available through fully accessible links using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or another file-sharing service. Make sure that they can be accessed with any login or authentication process.

Please submit your Hello World prototypes directly to this post using a comment, including the links to your prototype files as well as your name in the comment.

To access the comments section, make sure to click on the title of the post first to arrive at the comments options.

The blog is set to require my approval for any first-time commenters, so do not be alarmed if your comment doesn’t post right away and says that it is awaiting review. Once you have an approved comment, you’ll be able to post to the blog in the future without undergoing review.

Best of luck!

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Course Blog Introduction

Welcome to the course blog for the section of the UT Dallas Fall 2016 course ATEC 4367.001: Game Design II taught by me, Josef Nguyen.

I will be managing this blog as the main online form of interaction for this class.

On this blog, you can find the course syllabus, links to resources, and links to readings.

Specific assignment instructions will also be posted here as well. Students in the course will submit their assignments by commenting on the assignment post with links to their submission files.

Check this blog regularly to keep up with the course.

Looking forward to designing with you this semester.

-Josef Nguyen